Avatara-Noct-Ignis, getting closer

A half-way decent attempt at a “hair down” mod for Comrades/Avatara
ffxv ignis shirtless avatara screenshot

An intriguing thing is it seems a hair mod that lacks proper motion physics and shaders etc. isn’t as affected by Ansel ignoring/not wanting to apply the TAA (and/or other post-processing game setting elements) to Ansel-screenshots (note true Ignis’ hair being darker brown and less detailed/smooth – the hair-down hair is the worst ever in this regard, especially from a distance). PC version of Prompto’s pics do the same thing, like Prompto uses Ansel on PC. >.>

If you actually play Noct as Ignis, even with the hair, it still doesn’t look/feel right – but very close-up/face-only screens or within the creation editor’s better lighting/shaders, if you angle just right and squint, you can pretend. 😛

ffxv ignis screenshot 4k