Terra Wars Collaboration 1

I honestly can’t stand the color/filter palette they used for this extra mission. Certain moments are ok but overall it’s horrid at least with my PC/settings. 😛

I didn’t get very far, just to the point below, whereupon the game decided to CTD and in irritation I played something else instead. Terra Wars interests me not at all so I haven’t returned to it yet. But Noct. being jumped by the little white doll things was kinda cute.

Sidenote: I’ve been intently looking into the parts for a new dedicated “4k”/Win10 gaming PC, but I’m thinking about waiting for the new i9-9900k cpu (vs. i7-8700k). Seems like it’ll be only $150-$200 more so if benchmarks on it are good I may wait for it. Hoping to have something built by Xmas or New Year period. And then I should be able to play this game in 4k at … 40-60fps. HAHA. Who knows. But at least that should be with graphic settings up higher. $3000+ so I can play FFXV as best as one can. Ok ok, not only FXV…it’s just funny to say that.