Hanging out by stream w/shirtless Prompto mod

Prompto without a shirt on, regular “outfit” mod, not Avatara/Noct-skin.

When I was 12-14, I had a close friend I’d known since I was maybe five. He was beach-blonde, very handsome and had this same kind of thin build. He was quite popular with the girls that went to my parent’s church and they flocked around him like sheep during group beach trips as he stood around trying to play it all off (he was friendly but somewhat shy and taciturn). Seeing these screenshots I realized Prompto reminds me of him just a tad…except my friend didn’t prattle or sing chocobo-songs. I wonder how that friend is doing, haven’t seen him in years. Tons of time passes by and you wonder about these things from time to time. 😀

Still no shirtless-outfit mod for Ignis. Wah.