What was I up to/am I really back?

…like I said in another post … maybe. I was originally going to wait until I’d at least decided if I was going to purchase the Ardyn DLC on or near release. No point in maybe burning myself out on the game again if I’m going to buy/play that DLC, I figure. But I’ve been kind of “bored” the past couple of weeks so I keep turning FFXV on for a few minutes here and there to remind myself of things. I already barely remember half the combat controls, haha. I still haven’t updated the game to the latest patch because I don’t want to lose the difficulty cheat table, and because I care nothing about Comrades. (EDIT – ahhh screw it, I’m updating the game now, can’t use Workshop if I don’t sigh)

Games I’ve been playing off and on the past couple months: Diablo3 on PS4 and 7 Days to Die-Alpha17 on PC. Mostly have not been gaming very much however.

Anyway, as much as I like Ansel and this game for screenshots, I’m sure I’ll keep posting some now and then, but it’ll still be unpredictable. 😛