Revisiting: Ansel “Sticker” feature

Hmm, this might have some kind of pic potential now. If only I wasn’t 99.9% super-lazy.
ffxv screenshot

I’ve learned the “stickers” feature of Ansel, that they added a while back, can be altered with personalized stickers of your choice.  You just have to make a transparent image of the same dimensions and stick it in the Program Files/Nvidia folder that contains them.  Sadly you can’t add more to what’s there, you have to overwrite/rename one of the 8 default ones, making switching between a lot of them potentially annoying. But at least if you really want to change them for a specific reason, you can.  The default ones were mostly generically dull and (to me) ignored, so that’s a good thing.

ffxv screenshot prompto
ffxv screenshot gladio

They’ve also added a “greenscreen” feature, so you can insert your own background and make it fill the whole background or just part of it. Like in the above pics and below, the starry sky and chibi chrs. aspect is greenscreen.  As with the Stickers, you can add your own personal backgrounds, but can only overwrite the two that already exist.  Two seems a bit of a small number.  Eight backgrounds stored at once, like the Stickers, would’ve been nice.

Neither features is all that useful most of the time really, and I still find it all rather unnecessary.  You could also simply create similar images by manually editing a screenshot/creating them in an image editor instead of dealing with it this way.  But I suppose if one had a creative idea (unlike me and my lowbrow humor…), or just like this type of thing, it all gives one more options.  And I was really bored this afternoon. 😛