Off topic: the new PC rig

All the main parts are here and we’re starting to put it together. But may not get it finished in one evening. I may still need to purchase an internal soundcard because onboard sound is something I usually can’t stand no matter how much they “improve” it. I wasn’t feeling too “excited” until now, but I’m starting to feel it. As long as nothing is defective I should be a happy camper by the weekend, once the irritation of having to install tons of software is over.

The EVGA 2080ti FTW3 Ultra … thing must weight six pounds and it’s ginormous in length, height, depth. Makes my old 980ti look positively tiny. Crazy. I haven’t built a whole new rig in maybe 9-10 years, so there have been all kinds of little things I’ve had to buy on top of the pc parts themselves, including a display port KVM switch that supports 4k/60 display. Good times! … for Amazon, at least. 😛