New PC part2

Finished building it Wed. evening. The top 2 fans are part of the CPU cooler. Case front has  2 large fans.

Put it on my desk and then entered DisplayPort KVM switchbox hell. The box wasn’t working properly so had new rig hooked up to a different monitor at first and … well, it got messy. Did finally get switchbox working but the amount of wires you need hanging out the back is hilarious. Good thing my desk is 3 feet deep, too.

I was sure I was going to hate Win10, and I was right. I hate Win10 – its stupid (to me) interface/UI especially (at least the “God” folder trick still works). But the rig itself is super fast, FFXV and other games run sweet, I still have the Win7 rig for non-game, and it’s easy to transfer files back and forth whenever I want, so whatever. I wish I had room for a 3rd monitor but as you can see, even on a six foot long desk, I really don’t…because I insist on the 43″ 4k TV being there. Although if the PC’s were behind the monitors – but then I couldn’t reach the front USB ports very well. Maybe I’ll figure out something later.

Room/desk setup isn’t pretty, especially that ugly deskchair, but it functions well enough and that’s all I care about. Oh, and I hate RGB/neon in PC’s. Glad I can’t see it from my chair.  😛