Still obsessing over double-spacing (rant)

My complaint about adding double-spacing directly underneath posted images seems to be a combo of WordPress AND Theme related. I can’t even hit Enter (does nothing) in the Visual Editor if I try to put the cursor right “under” the image. It’s a WP obsession with using Paragraph maybe. If I make the image “center aligned” (using WP’s default media/image options) it places text double-spaced underneath. But if it’s Left Aligned, like I prefer, it does not. I’ve also tried inserting coding in the theme’s CSS box to increase empty space “padding” around an image to create space that way,  and it still didn’t stick – probably because you have to change something else in 10 different code places or some such and if you aren’t the creator of a theme/software (and not a current expert at web coding) it’s like hunt and peck typing trying to figure out what controls what in order to try and change it.

The one thing I haven’t tried is creating my own simple  (and outdated in terms of web creating) table to contain and pad the image but it wouldn’t surprise me if the theme I’m using would defeat that somewhere, too. TEST:

EDIT: Hah, table seems to work. I added the background color to the table so you can see the top and bottom padding effect. But then I’d have to do this for every posted image. And run the risk of a future software update making it NOT work and then all past entries might look borked.

I’ve also had issues re:  text wanting to “wrap” to the side of an image vs. appearing below the image, even if you hit Enter in the Text-Editor so it looks like there’s a spacing. You can force it to not do that but the point is, in my opinion, there’s definitely such a thing as too much “idiot-proofing” with auto-applied features…

F— this WYSIWIG/modern website/themes stuff.  Maybe I’m missing/not understanding something, I make no claims at being a webpage coding person (stopped paying attention to this stuff years ago), but the whole point of using something like WordPress is to make it easier for people who don’t want to be code experts – but the sacrifice is such often takes too much control away from the user, and I mean basic control. Making the “break” code not function , for example, WTF.  My question is why do companies like to remove basic stuff like that?

I’m half-tempted to go back to doing everything manually in HTML to create simple pages. I could be like the  Greatest Page in the Universe. Or using a forum instead and making new threads/posts instead of “blog entries.” I spent an hour and a half trying to find a workaround for something as basic as double-spacing after an image. I’m an old fashioned, control freak, cranky old woman and things like this annoy me. I’m going to run off and pout now.   😛

Final Edit: for a bit of brevity’s sake. .