Devil May Cry 5 + Photo Mode

devil may cry dmc5 screenshot 4k

I wasn’t going to buy this game but I was one, bored, two, still curious about its Photo Mode, and three, the more mage-like character has a black panther pet.  So now that I own DMC5, I am one, still kind of bored, two, not all that impressed with Photo Mode, and three, I have yet to reach the chr. that has the panther. That’s because despite Photo Mode being clunky and extremely limited in viewpoint scope, you can still get some ok shots with it sometimes – if you’re patient and like wasting time doing things like jumping in the same spot for 20 minutes trying to get a cool shot with a specific background.

Early impression is that if you like bashing enemies and get a rush from successfully executing fancy moves, this game could be for you. There’s not much story (so far) but it’s flashy and has a very fast pace. However, if like me you’re more interested in taking pictures than killing monsters or racking up stye points, you can have the game Assist you by randomly executing some of those moves for you with single button presses, as you coast as much as possible on easy mode. 😛

This round of pics focuses on one character because that’s who you start out with. It’s not because I love the dude. If I can hurry up and get to the Kylo Ren look-alike with the panther, I may post another round. Of the panther. Hah. Photo Mode doesn’t come even remotely close to Ansel. But it’s still a nice feature for players of the game. Note: by default, it force-slaps a game logo on the screen, whereby I quickly found a way to prevent it. Nyah. DMC5 is less of a resource hog than FFXV and runs in 4k/Ultra at 80-120fps, which is pretty sweet.