Is he cold or nervous?

Been using an .earc mod that allows me to use Ignis’ different hair-heads as his default (can wear any outfit and still keep the hair).
You can also combine any of his hairstyles with his older, scarred face, including a lightly-scarred face version. I don’t recall where you’d see this version of his scar, however? Even in Chapt. 14 the scar over his eye is much larger and wider. Maybe…it’s from the end of the alternate-ending of DLC-Ignis? That must be it. I’ve only done that part once. At any rate, while I’m not normally into scars, I like it a fair bit. I probably still prefer his 20’s face the best but this is a nice option. I notice more neck-creasing and lines under his eyes. The detail in this game is always amazing.