Avatara, or Noct as mini-Ignis

…on the one hand, it’s hilarious. On the other hand, not sure this works for me, heh.

…I had no intention of grinding to enable all the Comrades chr. features of Avatara into the main-game (what a stupid grind, too), but someone shared a way to get it instantly without all that, so I did. One of those reasons one can like PC gaming. Time saved! I was considering running through some of the in-game story cutscenes this way, for pics/video-recording (edit – eg, get the other bro’s in pose situations you can’t otherwise) , but it’s so bizarre I’m not sure I can play the game like this for that long and overall I have no interest in replacing Noct’s avatar for normal play. The chr. editor in main game does not allow you alter Noct’s height or head size so you end up with a slightly stumpy, oversized-head version of Ignis, Gladio, Prompto. It looks like them, but yet, not. Plus, of course, it still moves/animates and sounds like Noct. So weird.