Ansel and photography musing (blogtalk)

When I’m using Ansel a lot while playing, this is what my dual monitor desktop space looks like:

Left side is the game on the 4kTV. Right side is the 1080 desktop with my main graphic editor and file manager open. This is to check screenshots in varying ways first, before moving/exiting the Ansel-camera in case I want to retry different angles/filters etc.

It occurred to me again how crazy it maybe all is, this odd hobby I’ve become fixated on. It’s a mental fixation akin to when I used to be outside with my 35mm SLR’s (and later DSLR’s) taking macros or whatever for hours, changing lenses and taking multiple photos of the same subject (bracketing, something I always did manually). If you’ve ever dabbled even semi-seriously in photography you know what I mean. Hand and knee arthritis has slowly reduced photography as a frequent hobby, and Ansel+FFXV oddly makes me feel like I’m “virtually” replicating the feeling of long photo walkabouts, only I don’t have to climb hills or carry a heavy camera bag/multiple lenses, tripods, flash units.

I could also talk a lot about the “rule of thirds” – which is more a general guide concept than a must-do rule (eg, sometimes it’s better to actually not use it) – but I’ll refrain. It is funny, however, how often I find myself loosely following the rule in game usage, without even realizing I’m doing it until later as I sift through a sessions results. Old habits never die, as they say.

But what all this does is make me wish I had an “8k” workspace. Do they make those yet? Also, I still need more Ansel games that I like. There aren’t many tho, sadly.