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Devil May Cry 5 (4k) – V’s panther

I want one, gimmie!!
4k devil may cry 5 screenshot

…also, thank you Cheat Engine table makers. I can now play as any chr. in whatever mission I want. At least for screenshots. Forcing this issue can make the game crash under some circumstances, and the cutscenes aren’t affected, but eh, at least I can start a mission with them, dash around a bit and grab pictures. These are from Mission 2 I think it is, very early in the game when you’re supposed to be Nero.

4k devil may cry 5 screenshot

Of the graphic settings in the game, I’m most annoyed with Bloom. I usually hate it on because of the contrast-dimming hazy/glowy look it gives, but in DMC5 the setting also sometimes controls how light-fancy some effects are. So you either choose less haze, or better light-shows. And as good as the game looks in motion, it often still lacks a little something re: screenshot clarity – which is fine, it’s one reason for the game’s decent optimization – very good looking but still performs well. I’m just picky. Maybe if I played 4k with 125% resolution scaling….

Not the panther, just cool:

4k devil may cry 5 dmc5 screenshot

Devil May Cry 5 + Photo Mode

devil may cry dmc5 screenshot 4k

I wasn’t going to buy this game but I was one, bored, two, still curious about its Photo Mode, and three, the more mage-like character has a black panther pet.  So now that I own DMC5, I am one, still kind of bored, two, not all that impressed with Photo Mode, and three, I have yet to reach the chr. that has the panther. That’s because despite Photo Mode being clunky and extremely limited in viewpoint scope, you can still get some ok shots with it sometimes – if you’re patient and like wasting time doing things like jumping in the same spot for 20 minutes trying to get a cool shot with a specific background.

Early impression is that if you like bashing enemies and get a rush from successfully executing fancy moves, this game could be for you. There’s not much story (so far) but it’s flashy and has a very fast pace. However, if like me you’re more interested in taking pictures than killing monsters or racking up stye points, you can have the game Assist you by randomly executing some of those moves for you with single button presses, as you coast as much as possible on easy mode. 😛

This round of pics focuses on one character because that’s who you start out with. It’s not because I love the dude. If I can hurry up and get to the Kylo Ren look-alike with the panther, I may post another round. Of the panther. Hah. Photo Mode doesn’t come even remotely close to Ansel. But it’s still a nice feature for players of the game. Note: by default, it force-slaps a game logo on the screen, whereby I quickly found a way to prevent it. Nyah. DMC5 is less of a resource hog than FFXV and runs in 4k/Ultra at 80-120fps, which is pretty sweet.

Gladio, Ignis + 4k/60+ gaming is awesome

This first picture is to wallow in how nice it is to play FFXV at mostly max, in 4k. Texture distance, Turfworks, reflections, all that jazz. And it still stays at 60-70fps or higher. You can see the tiny fps number in the bottom right. It’s not hugely different from before, but especially while playing it’s just enough “better” to make it even more impressive.

ffxv screenshot 4k ignis

Next one is just because I liked Gladio posing like this and it looks good.  I did try the RTX DLSS type of anti-aliasing as well but I thought it sucked in this game – although it is better than FXAA in this case. I still vastly prefer the TAA for FFXV.ffxv screenshot 4k gladio

And finally, another one of mostly shirtless Ignis, haha. I like how he seems as if he’s just enjoying a summer stroll in the grass.
ffxv screenshot 4k ignis shirtless

Outside of FFXV, I’ve also played 7 Days to Die in 4k. It runs mostly around 60fps maxed but too many zombies and that game still drops into the low 50’s, but it’s still very smooth. 7 Days is a voxel Unity game in Alpha so I didn’t expect it to do quite as well (at 4k). If I run 7 Days at 1440 it stays above 60fps all the time tho, so it’s good. It’s not the type of game one cares a lot about playing in 4k anyway.

Also, I … managed to squeeze in a 3rd monitor on my desk with the 27″ 1080 at an angle. I wonder if it’ll give that side of my face a sunburn, haha. So, the 4k TV on the left, 1440 in the middle, 1080 to the right. This means I don’t need a monitor switchbox (just KB/mouse switch) and I can see the desktops of both pc’s at once, which is nice. Sitting within this half-circle of tall monitors makes one feel like a chr. in the movies, bouncing from screen to screen. It’s a little more awkward in terms of repositioning the angle of keyboard for typing depending which monitor you’re staring at, but I suppose it works. I still hate Win10. But I love gaming on the new rig. Was it worth all that money? Probably not. But 4k/60+fps on a 43″ right in your face … it’s so niiiiice.

P.S. How does one create a damn double space (or more) under posted images that sticks in the actual published page, in WordPress? Neither < br > or < hr > or simply hitting Enter twice in Visual mode works, since the last WP update. It looks ok in the editor but I hit publish and the formatting disappears. The only way that works at the moment seems to be using < code > and hitting Enter a couple times within it. Driving me crazy.

Ignis – pretty in pink?

This is Ignis giving me a “Why do you always do this to me?” look. Because it makes me LULZ, that’s why! Poor Ignis.

The mod outfit is supposed to be a nurse one I think. It’s hilarious in normal gameplay, but then I used the Ring and the total black background + Ignis’ pose made it … still hilarious!  But kind of artistic as well.  It fits him somehow. 😛  These make pretty good wallpapers, if Ignis in a dress is your thing.

Ignis makes a legscreenshot of FFXV

screenshot of FFXV

Even Cor is impressed.
screenshot of FFXV

Ignis saves Noctis from brain drain

Noctis is about to be whacked in the head. Ignis notices and starts to take action! But he’s a little bit late…

But still Ignis manages to knock Mr. Roboto away just in time, and Noctis looks grateful. Either that or he’s saying “It’s about frakking time.” I’m not sure which.

…these are 4k-ish in size, comprised of four 1080’s. Saves posting space sometimes, is all.