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Luring and reeling it in.

Noctis uses his magic powers to pull his catch through the pier. Less danger of falling in I guess.

Noct: “Hey guys, come congratulate me already, will ya?”

Ignis: “Hurry up Prompto, we have to go admire his Majesty’s fish.”

You know I had to say it.

Vesperpool, sunset/twilight

I hope these (and any others past or future) look ok and aren’t too bright or too dark and seem sharp enough. All depends on what tv/monitor settings /calibration one is using I suppose. I always check them on the larger tv and smaller pc monitor and if it looks fine on both I go with it. I’m not sure how well the file compression level I typically use would work for a very large TV screen (like 55″+) tho.  *shrug*