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Common scenery

…bah, landscapes in games never look right to me. Especially in games where draw distance is a factor. I’ve been running around hoping to catch something cool/nice but haven’t had the patience to stand around waiting in spots for sunset/twilight or other best lighting conditions.  😀

He’ll stand there forever if you make him

Oh look, it’s Ignis again.

Side rumination: Outside of spending a few minutes with the Igster and co. now and then, I’ve also been watching Hulu’s Castle Rock series (pretty good, I’d recommend it) and reading this very long manga (Noblesse, also recommended). I was thinking about how nowadays it’s hard to read manga or watch animes without being constantly reminded, in an indrect sort of way, of Ignis and Noct. They follow so many of the common visual anime/manga chr. traits.

Arm flinging stand-off

Red Giant, Ignis … it’s what they do.

One of those images where I think it looks cool on the 43″ TV/while playing but probably less impressive on smaller screen. 😛 Ah well. I’m spoiled playing games on bigger screens now (living room is 50″). Maybe I should get a 70″ 4K TV and mount it on the wall behind my pc desk. Ha.Ha.

Gladio handing off Ebony

This time everyone (including Noctis) except Gladio was invisible. It was funny seeing him pass off the can to an invisble-Ignis. Btw, Gladio’s giant size often throws off my shot-framing habits. He often doesn’t fit into the frame like I want, and his height means I have to zoom out more when others are present so his head or some action he’s doing isn’t cutoff. Being someone who generally likes tightly framed, close-mid-range shots it drives me nuts. Pffft.

Ignis using katana

When you have Noctis do Armiger Chain.
This is one of those combat animations that I obsess over. I’ve gotten a lot of very good ones but it’s still never the perfect one. The moment you have to catch it with Ansel is so brief and often the other bro’s get in the way or the background is meh. Like in this shot Prompto would be right behind/ontop of Ignis if I wasn’t using the “invisible Prompto” mod (can still see Prompto’s weapon and nightlight). I heard Ignis was originally supposed to use a katana but that became Gladio’s thing instead. Ah well.