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Funny outfit mods, lol

Nightyswolf is a Steam Workshop modder that I’ve grabbed a lot of mods from. You can get these outfits and others here.

Here’s a short video of them in “action.” Made me giggle.

The video editor program I’ve decided to use is called Shotcut and is pretty good for free, open-source software. Can do all the basic simple things most people would want to do. More importantly, it will read/open and handle my huge Fraps .avi files (at least on my PC), where a lot of freebie editors I’ve tried, can’t/won’t. I still use VirtualDub to do the initial clip editing then toss it in Shortcut for any transitions/titles etc. and the final compression to .mp4 for Youtube.

All your Ardyn’s belong to us

final fantasy xv ardyn cheat engine ffxv ignis

It’s a glitch that occurs if you’re using a Cheat Engine table to add Ardyn as a follower and then repeatedly use Avatara to switch Noctis appearance over and over. Adding this many WILL affect performance a lot. They do not follow you, and the duplicates do not remain upon reloading a save. But they do shuffle around and react to environment “spaces”, so you can bump into them to make them move if you wish, and they interfere with traffic and enemies will attack them, among other  things. It’s hilarious.
final fantasy xv ardyn

It also works with Umbra, but that’s for another day.
final fantasy xv ffxv cheat engine gladios umbra

DMC5 characters in FFXV is best mods ever

There’s been a lot of model replacement mods on Steam for other game chrs. I haven’t liked any of them personally, however. Until now. I tried them without replacing the physics file, so the bottom part of the coats clip a lot. I’ll have to try that file tho, because these model replacers are worth the trouble. Are they perfect? No. But they look pretty good/work well and I love ’em. You can view and get them from this Steam user’s Workshop.

ffxv dmc5 mod character

ffxv dmc5 mod character


ffxv dmc5 mod character

ffxv dmc5 mod character dante