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Making Ravus run

Because as a “guest” party member, he cannot ride a chocobo and of course there’s no place for him in the car. Hahah, poor guy.

Oh and YouTube and their upload compression algorithms, or whatever, sucks. Keeps changing now and then and I have to figure out what I need to change during my rendering to make it not look like utter shit when uploaded, again. F*** YT/Google. Also, F*** Comcast. I think they’re back to throttling the entire internet where I live, between 5pm-10pm. It was better for a couple years but ….

“Hard mode”+I get knocked down a lot

(I suggest watching in at least 720p, YouTube compressed it a lot…)

I suppose it’s not really noticeable in a video, but this was taken while using the Cheat Engine table that lets you adjust enemy stats. You can increase their lvl/HP, physical and/or magic defense, meaning you deal less damage etc. These Mesmenir’s are normally level 5 I think, but in the video they’re level 8 with higher physical defense. Continue reading