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Different colors, but all the same pants and jacket style. Dudes be stylin’.

It’s hard to get them to line up outside of the character menu for a “real world” shot….

Bonus! Noct. as Michael Jackson? 😛 😛
(don’t ask, the chr. screen went weird for a second).

Outfit mod: all matching bro’s

Finally, a Steam Workshop outfit mod I really like (that isn’t just silly/funny).  I’m largely into “just clothes” mods, not model-replacers. I love group matching outfits and never liked that Noctis didn’t have a version of the Kingsglaive garb. I know he has the King/caped outfit but eh, never liked that much. Plus, the leather pants give everyone a bit more butt-shape. They’re still flat, tho. HaHa.

Workshop link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1486048413

Noct in a tank top

It’s not too bad and doesn’t bone-distort a ton in combat. Some light/shadow/skintone issues but eh, they (official modkit-mods) almost all have that to one degree or another. At least it works to give him something “casual” to wear that sorta matches the other bro’s a bit.