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Why I don’t post shirtless young Noctis

Someone asked elsewhere about pics of a shirtless young Noctis. I replied in the comment section but this is a longer explanation. Young Noctis is not officially available as a Comrades or Avatara face or hair option and no one has yet made any shirtless Noct. full-model or outfit mod, either.

Someone did very recently upload a Comrades face/hair option (they are two separate mods/pieces vs. a whole outfit/model), however as is often the case with non-official models, there are terrible shader/shadows/skintone issues, especially when combined with the shirtless Comrades mod.

It’s that whole neck to body seam issue. 😛
The “official” old-Noctis head doesn’t have this shader problem so it matches up with the shirtless torso mod somewhat better (most of the time, it can look terrible occasionally too). But even with ambient occlusion setting off and some different lighting situations, putting two mods together is still pretty apparent/ugly 90% of the time even from moderate distances. I have no desire to use it or spend much time trying to find the singular moment in the game where the combo might look okay for pics. Plus the hair is rather low-res for my tastes. I mean it works ok if you keep a shirt on Noct, but then what’s the point re: main game…

Perhaps someone else might create a combo of Comrades mods that works better, in the future, or maybe one day Square will actually improve their mod-tool re: this whole skintone/shader stuff.

Patience rewarded (no-glasses mod)

Whoohoo, I can have no-glasses on Ignis again! And works with all hairstyles, not just hair-down Ignis-DLC.

Not that I mind the glasses. I love the glasses actually, and some chr. animations make little sense with them gone. But especially with the hair-down hair, he just looks great without them. 😛

Since Iggy didn’t need them anymore, I gave his eyewear to Noct. Hardehar.

A random shot.

No Specs mod at Nexus