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The bro’s need a tan

(No, I’m not “back” – still largely remaining offline lately – just saw these mods on Steam Workshop and fired up the game for the 1st time in a couple months to take a few pics of them. Ha. I might post more in  late Fall/Winter again. Maybe.)

Wallpaper practice

Just, y’know, more cutout practice, nothing special. The Noctis one, the hair had dark blue bleeding so it’s probably the worst hair-wise. Prompto’s hair is actually the easiest to deal with overall, just that top fringe area can be irritating.
Gladio’s pic, yes there’s a piece of him missing, I didn’t notice the greenscreen depth was too close, overlapping/cutting something off. Just pretend he had an accident and is looking out the window of his new house after forced retirement.


I did not create any of the backgrounds – since my artistic skill is about zero – random net finds from wallpaper sites.  Photography editing (for me) = working with lighting, color, certain types of corrections, simple layering and selection editing sometimes and that’s it. While I can pen-doodle while talking on the phone, and use/manipulate standard image editor “filters” and such, I can’t paint, draw, 3d anything and my abilities with a digital “paintbrush” using a mouse consists of line drawings that look like they were drawn with crayons by a 4 year old during happy-art time.  After all this practice in terms of finding what “greenscreen” background colors work best for the black-ish and brown/blondish hair, I now need to turn on the game again and take a lot more pictures to work with. Maybe I’ll get some actual ideas in the process. Or I might drift into some other busy work time-waster instead. Like a 150 episode anime. I’m distractable  like that.

Btw, my working .psd files for only the cutouts themselves end up around 30-70+MB, because they’re usually about 3500-4000 pixels tall (screenshot size I use/take is 7680×4320).  I’m not uploading a bunch of those.  >.>   Even the .png versions end up around 5+MB. If I ever get a set of good ones I’ll probably resize them a bit smaller and make them a zip file download.

Prompto, Noctis, 4k

…mostly Prompto. The “older Noctis” is Avatara, with the thicker beard.

I have a bunch of cut-outs that I keep working on a bit here and there, but the hair, the hair is so difficult, one could spend hours each one going pixel by pixel to clean up/cut out the color bleed to even somewhat tolerable levels. I wonder if there’s an easier way, outside of erasing 1/3 of the character’s hair, or trying to clone over it (a little cloning works ok, too much starts to look funky). Probably not. It’s either hours spent or use the cut-outs only on backgrounds where it wouldn’t be noticeable.

I’ll keep trying/fiddling with them (because I like pain) but dunno how many I may post or if I’ll post. I doubt there’s a huge “market” or interest in such. It’d just be nice sometimes to be able to put a fave pose of a character onto whatever wallpaper background or scenic shot I might take, vs. always trying to capture a moment in-game (where something in the scene is in the way 3/4 of the time…). Basically, I want to do what Prompto does with some of his photos. 😛

FF-XIV collaboration, misc

I still find this sort of pictorial type of series amusing. Don’t ask me why, I have no idea.
final fantasy ffxv collaboration dlc

final fantasy ffxv collaboration dlc

Ignis refused to wear his new outfit/costume.   (…a mod I use interferes with it – and only this outfit – for some reason)
final fantasy ffxv collaboration dlc

Noctis and Gladio portraits, just because.

I need to take more of Noctis, but since I’m usually controlling him, when I pause via Ansel he’s usually doing nothing, in the background. 😛

Revisiting: Ansel “Sticker” feature

Hmm, this might have some kind of pic potential now. If only I wasn’t 99.9% super-lazy.
ffxv screenshot

I’ve learned the “stickers” feature of Ansel, that they added a while back, can be altered with personalized stickers of your choice.  You just have to make a transparent image of the same dimensions and stick it in the Program Files/Nvidia folder that contains them.  Sadly you can’t add more to what’s there, you have to overwrite/rename one of the 8 default ones, making switching between a lot of them potentially annoying. But at least if you really want to change them for a specific reason, you can.  The default ones were mostly generically dull and (to me) ignored, so that’s a good thing.

ffxv screenshot prompto
ffxv screenshot gladio

They’ve also added a “greenscreen” feature, so you can insert your own background and make it fill the whole background or just part of it. Like in the above pics and below, the starry sky and chibi chrs. aspect is greenscreen.  As with the Stickers, you can add your own personal backgrounds, but can only overwrite the two that already exist.  Two seems a bit of a small number.  Eight backgrounds stored at once, like the Stickers, would’ve been nice.

Neither features is all that useful most of the time really, and I still find it all rather unnecessary.  You could also simply create similar images by manually editing a screenshot/creating them in an image editor instead of dealing with it this way.  But I suppose if one had a creative idea (unlike me and my lowbrow humor…), or just like this type of thing, it all gives one more options.  And I was really bored this afternoon. 😛