Avatara – Cindy

Is it close enough?

I’m so easily distracted. Was going to edit and upload a 2nd shirtless bro’s post, but then noticed this in the mod Workshop. A Cindy head for Comrades/Avatara.

Shading/lighting issues per usual so for screens you have to luck out with the right angle/light situation – especially noticeable on neck/chest seam area. Meaning anything but a crew neck top looks horrible except under very specific lighting. Also, Noct’s eye/mouth animations on Cindy’s face sometimes makes her look weird. But overall looks like her I think? Opens up Cindy screenshot opportunities?

Finally! (a use for Avatara)

Shirtless (sorta..) at last! Hahahaha!
ffxv screenshot shirtless mod

This is done via a mod that adds a shirt item to Comrades clothing menu – with Avatara feature, such mods are now accessible in main game too. All around good, although as usual there may be some skin shading issues at times. Works well with Noctis and Prompto Comrades heads (and of course any generic male avatar you want to create) but I still think Noct-Ignis avatar replacement looks odd because body shape/size is so obviously not Ignis. Still, it’s almost believable at certain angles. I have some other shots but haven’t edited them for uploading yet. I’ll do it later.
Shirtless bro’s! at Steam Workshop

Aranea as Luna mod

This is a whole model replacer, not an “outfit.” It looks fairly decent even in combat, but it only appears when Aranea would appear. Prompto’s dlc, Chapt 7 in main game, dropships I assume, etc. Retains Aranea’s body size I think, it’s not Luna’s skeleton/bones. I like the casual outfit vs. story Luna’s formal-wear. Not that I care to replace Aranea but it’s good for screenshots I guess.
Steam Mod Workshop link

Ignis using katana

When you have Noctis do Armiger Chain.
This is one of those combat animations that I obsess over. I’ve gotten a lot of very good ones but it’s still never the perfect one. The moment you have to catch it with Ansel is so brief and often the other bro’s get in the way or the background is meh. Like in this shot Prompto would be right behind/ontop of Ignis if I wasn’t using the “invisible Prompto” mod (can still see Prompto’s weapon and nightlight). I heard Ignis was originally supposed to use a katana but that became Gladio’s thing instead. Ah well.

A note on categories/tags

Removed the individual bro Categories. Reason for this is because the “tags” and even a general Search work just as well for finding images of your favorite things, so Category felt redundant. Any images that focus only on one character in some close-up/pose-ish fashion will generally be tagged with “portrait” as well as character name.

As mentioned in the About/FAQ, some weeks I can/will rapidly post a lot of images (I try to limit it to 5-6 blog entries per day but…). I spend more time moving the Ansel-camera around than I do actually playing the game which results in dozens/hundreds of screens all the time (did I mention Ansel screenshotting is an obsession?). So tags seems the most effective organization method. Although I wish the sidebar tag-list widget wasn’t so awkward looking. I wonder if there’s a plugin to change only that. 😛 (edit – there is, ha)

The Category “Mods” refers to posts re: my trying out mods or other pc cheats. I gave up on trying to work with the user-unfriendly and very limited skinning mod-tool that Square released (so many modeling issues and forcing users to compile mods non-locally/online, BAH). When the level editor comes out I may try diving into that, if it seems interesting and doesn’t suck donkey balls to use. We shall see.