Stay safe

Hubby is working from home, like many others. He’s had a cold for a week, doesn’t seem anything serious. We’re not out of toilet paper yet but at some point we’re going to have to do the run-all-over-town looking for some, I guess. Our situation is generally fine, we’re just waiting things out like everyone else. I’m a homebody to begin with, my life hasn’t changed much because of this pandemic crisis. I worry more about economy and infrastructure effects, social changes/attitudes.

I largely finished Death Stranding (great game but the ending story scenes went on forever and ever….). I occasionally dip into it for lack of better to do, but think I’ll wait a while to replay it. If you like sandboxy (mostly) open world games, it’s a keeper imo tho. Had such a great and obsessive time with it. Zip lines are so much fun.