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Cruising in the Regalia

ffxv wallpaper screenshot

That last one is using Ansel to clip through the front of the car.

(sort of a bit o’ blogging)
I still utterly love using Ansel in this single game, but my energy for playing (any) games has waned a lot, let alone editing/uploading to the blog with any regularity. I did play through Borderlands 3 on the PS4, but it wasn’t nearly as good as the first two of that series for me, so after a few weeks or so I quit. Other than that I’ve barely touched games since Devil May Cry 5 release period.  I’ve reached that spot where it’s hard to replay games you’ve already played to death (I did try some ancient faves for brief moments), but there’s never anything new I’m interested in, either.  Gaming industry just isn’t making games that fit my style and I don’t see that changing any time soon. Ah well.  Plenty of other things to do.  😀


…Cindy’s hair edges are not perfect, but my eyes are gooey from staring at pixels.
…Ignis’ hair was impossible to color clean up enough for the chop, so I found a black and white image to put him on, problem solved. I should have softened the lighting on him a bit more, he looks a bit mismatched but oh well.
…I need to take more oddball cuts for silly chops. For some reason my mind keeps drifting towards Prompto in a kitten basket. 😛
…actually my imagination well is fairly dry at the moment. For a long time I’ve had this idea for an Ignis MV using a Bishop Briggs song, but I never quite come up with the exact scenes to put in it.

Making Ravus run

Because as a “guest” party member, he cannot ride a chocobo and of course there’s no place for him in the car. Hahah, poor guy.

Oh and YouTube and their upload compression algorithms, or whatever, sucks. Keeps changing now and then and I have to figure out what I need to change during my rendering to make it not look like utter shit when uploaded, again. F*** YT/Google. Also, F*** Comcast. I think they’re back to throttling the entire internet where I live, between 5pm-10pm. It was better for a couple years but ….

Gladio handing off Ebony

This time everyone (including Noctis) except Gladio was invisible. It was funny seeing him pass off the can to an invisble-Ignis. Btw, Gladio’s giant size often throws off my shot-framing habits. He often doesn’t fit into the frame like I want, and his height means I have to zoom out more when others are present so his head or some action he’s doing isn’t cutoff. Being someone who generally likes tightly framed, close-mid-range shots it drives me nuts. Pffft.