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A note on categories/tags

Removed the individual bro Categories. Reason for this is because the “tags” and even a general Search work just as well for finding images of your favorite things, so Category felt redundant. Any images that focus only on one character in some close-up/pose-ish fashion will generally be tagged with “portrait” as well as character name.

As mentioned in the About/FAQ, some weeks I can/will rapidly post a lot of images (I try to limit it to 5-6 blog entries per day but…). I spend more time moving the Ansel-camera around than I do actually playing the game which results in dozens/hundreds of screens all the time (did I mention Ansel screenshotting is an obsession?). So tags seems the most effective organization method. Although I wish the sidebar tag-list widget wasn’t so awkward looking. I wonder if there’s a plugin to change only that. 😛 (edit – there is, ha)

The Category “Mods” refers to posts re: my trying out mods or other pc cheats. I gave up on trying to work with the user-unfriendly and very limited skinning mod-tool that Square released (so many modeling issues and forcing users to compile mods non-locally/online, BAH). When the level editor comes out I may try diving into that, if it seems interesting and doesn’t suck donkey balls to use. We shall see.

Open discussion thread #1

This post is where readers can use the comment area to discuss with each other, as well as make site suggestions/pic requests/ask me questions.

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