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Noctis, flower field, sunset, 4k

final fantasy xv wallpaper 4k notcis ffxv

It’s hard to find ready-made wallpapers that work well the game cutouts, imo. Angle is always wrong, it’s too realistic vs. game graphics, lighting is wrong vs. the shadows on the character etc. I used some spotlights to try to make Noct’s face be more lit while his arm is darker (since sun is “behind” him) but yeah, not sure that came out very convincing, heh. Personally I actually like them just on the dark grey background I cut them out of, but most would find that boring I guess. Dark grey is a nice desktop color tho.

Btw, it’s hilarious how I can type these paragraphs and it doesn’t seem like all that much, but then I check the site on the cellphone and it’s this HUGE WALL OF TEXT. Perspective.

Vesperpool, sunset/twilight

I hope these (and any others past or future) look ok and aren’t too bright or too dark and seem sharp enough. All depends on what tv/monitor settings /calibration one is using I suppose. I always check them on the larger tv and smaller pc monitor and if it looks fine on both I go with it. I’m not sure how well the file compression level I typically use would work for a very large TV screen (like 55″+) tho.  *shrug*

Common scenery

…bah, landscapes in games never look right to me. Especially in games where draw distance is a factor. I’ve been running around hoping to catch something cool/nice but haven’t had the patience to stand around waiting in spots for sunset/twilight or other best lighting conditions.  😀