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Death Stranding – Photo mode

death stranding 4k photo mode wallpaper screenshot

I think they were going to add Photo Mode only to PC originally, but they added it to console today from demand. Of course it’s not as good as Ansel re: freedom of camera movement and other things, and of course on PC you’ll likely have a bit better fidelity/draw distance, but once you figure out settings it’s not bad on the PS4-Pro/4k screenies. Not bad at all. I don’t feel a need to take 100’s of screenshots of this game but always a nice feature for any game with a lot of visual pizazz, these days.

And yeah, I still haven’t created a “general entertainment” blog for stuff like this. Maybe later. 😛

Edit:  A few more.

Armiger Unleashed, Noctis, 4k

I have never used Armiger Unleashed before. I’ve seen it in use via YouTube so I know how it works, but I didn’t care about it and certainly didn’t need it to beat anything in the game to a pulp. But last night it was something “different” to Ansel so I finally used it – three times.  It’s more attractive at dusk or night. Hard to get the right “moment/angle” or choose which pics (as usual) and I might try it again with different fights someday.  Here comes the wallpaper spam:

armiger unleashed final fantasy xv wallpaper ffxv

final fantasy xv 4k wallpaper ffxv

4k scenic wallpapers

…because now and then something without the bro’s in it can be nice. They make pleasant wallpapers if the colors are your thing.

ffxv 4k wallpaper final fantasy xv

ffxv 4k wallpaper final fantasy xv

I’m still mostly playing 7 Days to Die at the moment – it’s just that type of game one can get mindlessly lost in, endlessly chopping down trees, mining tunnels, building and reinforcing bases. Next thing you know it’s 4am.

Edit: Sorry, one more. Not as much a ‘scenic’  (it’s moody?) but didn’t feel like making another post entry.

ffxv 4k wallpaper final fantasy xv

Line up

I wish they’d line up like this more often.  You have to slowllly approach enemies into the edge of the red circle,  stand still…then when the red-line timer is up hope they’re close together when combat is force-begun.

final fantasy xv wallpaper ffxv

Also, Gladio.
final fantasy xv gladio wallpaper ffxv 4k
final fantasy xv gladio wallpaper ffxv 4k