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The bro’s need a tan

(No, I’m not “back” – still largely remaining offline lately – just saw these mods on Steam Workshop and fired up the game for the 1st time in a couple months to take a few pics of them. Ha. I might post more in  late Fall/Winter again. Maybe.)

Funny outfit mods, lol

Nightyswolf is a Steam Workshop modder that I’ve grabbed a lot of mods from. You can get these outfits and others here.

Here’s a short video of them in “action.” Made me giggle.

The video editor program I’ve decided to use is called Shotcut and is pretty good for free, open-source software. Can do all the basic simple things most people would want to do. More importantly, it will read/open and handle my huge Fraps .avi files (at least on my PC), where a lot of freebie editors I’ve tried, can’t/won’t. I still use VirtualDub to do the initial clip editing then toss it in Shortcut for any transitions/titles etc. and the final compression to .mp4 for Youtube.

DMC5 characters in FFXV is best mods ever

There’s been a lot of model replacement mods on Steam for other game chrs. I haven’t liked any of them personally, however. Until now. I tried them without replacing the physics file, so the bottom part of the coats clip a lot. I’ll have to try that file tho, because these model replacers are worth the trouble. Are they perfect? No. But they look pretty good/work well and I love ’em. You can view and get them from this Steam user’s Workshop.

ffxv dmc5 mod character

ffxv dmc5 mod character


ffxv dmc5 mod character

ffxv dmc5 mod character dante