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Which one do you like better?

(I suggest to view full-size to get a better comparison)

If you picked the second/bottom one, we can’t be friends.  winkwink  😉

–The top picture has the game’s Filtering setting on Low. There’s a better sense of overall sharp focus.
–The bottom picture has Filtering on High (Average isn’t much less).  Notice the street lights are now big blobs of yellow glowing with “bloom,” and the palace in the background – and the tree, the road, and everything else – is more blurry and out of focus.  I can’t stand either effect. It’s the first damn type of thing I turn off in any game, whatever they call the setting, and if the game doesn’t let me turn it off (or at least greatly minimize it) I am an unhappy camper.  Ha.  I wish you could turn Filtering totally Off in FFXV, but at least Low is pretty darn close to off.

If it’s very subtle, bloom/similar used ONLY on things like lights would be ok. But it’s almost never that subtle, effects too many things, or worse it’s an overall soft-focus, bright glow over everything/the whole screen.
Background blurring just gives me a headache. Things in the background in real-life (barring atmospheric interface of some kind) don’t blur and game blurring gives me eye strain from my eyes/brain constantly thinking it should be in focus (eg, squinting). Now, I get it, sometimes it’s effective to selectively blur backgrounds, in order to put emphasis on a specific subject (in photography we call this “bokeh” ),  but having it active all the time (like in games) is blech. I suppose it helps performance at times tho, sometimes.

Anyway, I was messing with graphic settings tonight (mainly forcing things in the GPU, for example), wondering if the game could look a tad better (vs. performance).  Maybe a little. Probably not worth it tho.

Armiger Unleashed, Noctis, 4k

I have never used Armiger Unleashed before. I’ve seen it in use via YouTube so I know how it works, but I didn’t care about it and certainly didn’t need it to beat anything in the game to a pulp. But last night it was something “different” to Ansel so I finally used it – three times.  It’s more attractive at dusk or night. Hard to get the right “moment/angle” or choose which pics (as usual) and I might try it again with different fights someday.  Here comes the wallpaper spam:

armiger unleashed final fantasy xv wallpaper ffxv

final fantasy xv 4k wallpaper ffxv

Misc screenshots

I’m probably becoming a little bored with FFXV again, even Anseling. After a while I feel like everything screenshot-wise starts to look the same or something. Would help if I played more story sections perhaps, or used more NPC mods, but constant swapping of save files, mods, and cheatengine tables becomes annoying. I’ve already taken a lot of story screens anyway, but they were posted in the old Imgur folders instead of this blog (linked to in the page headers up top).

Catching up with films/TV and running through Amazon finally looking for bluray’s of fave films. When VHS was a thing I bought tons of those (still have most in storage boxes) and bought a fair number of DVD collections, but I’ve bought very few bluray’s since I now typically stream vs. physical media. Noticed 4k blurays are cheapish these days, perhaps it’s time for a 4k bluray player.  Or wait 8-10 more years for 8k. You know it’s coming.  A few “8k” tv’s already exist, but there’s no actual 8k content so what’s the point, yet.  But an 8k, 75+ inch TV + 8k versions of Aliens or Terminator 2 or Lord of the Rings or some animes … I might never leave the recliner. Or go to a theater again, ever.  Not that I go to theaters much at all, already. We’re getting close to buying a new main/living room TV – it’ll be at least a 65-incher this time. That’ll be fun to occasionally game on (might inspire me to buy the new gen. Playstation).  Lately I want bigger and bigger screens. I’m seriously considering chucking the 43″ 4k TV that sits *on* my desk and mounting a giant 4k TV on the wall behind my desk for PC use, instead.  Super-size me.

Background test

final fantasy xv wallpaper prompto 4k funny

I cropped out the background from one of those garuda effect shots for greenscreen use. More muted neutral tones and again, it’s nice to have something that’s less “flat” vs. a solid color. Why oh why didn’t Nvidia let us have more than 2 at a time….

final fantasy xv wallpaper notcis 4k
I’ve also gone back to no glasses Ignis for a bit. I like glasses-on and glasses-off just about equally.
final fantasy xv wallpaper ignis 4k
…I forgot Gladio. >.>   I need to get more for a Gladio-pic-spam post. Gotta keep it … marginally … fair …  :p