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Meet the new husbando (Tales of Arise)

Hello world, it’s been a while. I haven’t played FFXV in a long time, but recently bought/tried Tales of Arise. I’ve never played a previous Tales (seen ’em, never bought one). But this one, the combat sorta reminded me FFXV, ha, so I thought why not I’ll try it. Took me a while to warm up to some of the quirks of Tales story presentation and combat but overall I like it a fair bit – it at least gives me a bit of that screenshot obsession. Especially once Dohalim joined the party.  Double-ha. He uses spells and a 2H staff – then I stuck a pair of glasses on him. He’s like a lower rent Ignis. Pwahaha.

What have I been up to outside of that? Over a year ago I was sick for a week (initially thought it was food poisoning or something), rapidly lost 15+ pounds to become a skeleton, then was in the hospital (if I didn’t live with someone who decided I wasn’t getting better, to carry me to a hospital – hubby – I would have just stayed in bed and died probably). Near diabetic/pancreatic coma from undiagnosed Type2. Don’t remember drive to hospital or anything before waking up in a bed at some point, total blackout. They kept asking hubby and I if I was an alcoholic (no, don’t even like it, maybe once a year at most). So often the asked that I almost became offended, like they thought I was lying. I’ve heard other bad tales from others like that.

So, my life changed a bit. I’m currently on (mostly) Keto/only eat twice a day/zero snack/food in-between type of regimen and that got me off both insulin shots and statins (statins suck). Outside of not being able to eat more than the tiniest bit of sugar/any carbs, at this point I’m feeling almost normal. Well – I feel slower, not as sharp/quick – hubby noticed it right off. The brain. Not serious, and it did improve some over time but…oh well, I was never a genius anyway.

I don’t game a whole lot anymore most of the time, or blog. But Dohalim deserved a small post, because he’s adorable. Plus the game is (mostly) fun. And who knows, I might still try making that general “games I’m currently playing” screenshot blog one day, like if bored during winter.  I still don’t know why I love game screenshots so much, they serve me no long-term purpose for all the time spent taking them, and sometimes I still feel like I should just stick them somewhere for random ppl to run across now and then if they want. At least then I could pretend there’s a slight “use” for my screenshot madness, right.  We’ll see if I have the energy later.

Cheers, stay happy, game hard if ya got ’em, and stay safe!