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All your Ardyn’s belong to us

final fantasy xv ardyn cheat engine ffxv ignis

It’s a glitch that occurs if you’re using a Cheat Engine table to add Ardyn as a follower and then repeatedly use Avatara to switch Noctis appearance over and over. Adding this many WILL affect performance a lot. They do not follow you, and the duplicates do not remain upon reloading a save. But they do shuffle around and react to environment “spaces”, so you can bump into them to make them move if you wish, and they interfere with traffic and enemies will attack them, among otherĀ  things. It’s hilarious.
final fantasy xv ardyn

It also works with Umbra, but that’s for another day.
final fantasy xv ffxv cheat engine gladios umbra

I can have guest chrs again

Looks like some of the Cheat Engine tables are being updated finally. I’ll have to take advantage before some new game patch makes them all not work again, haha.

Updated table for guest characters (and a ton of other stuff I never personally use…)

The other table I use occasionally for the “shop override” option (lets you buy anything chosen from a list when you click to buy, eg if you want the Assassin Festival Robes which aren’t given by default on PC, or 50 Vexxos instead of 50 Potions…). The use it once or twice for a save or two, then never use it again sort of thing.

Now I just need a table that lets you have Ignis with no glasses all the time, again, and the increase difficulty table…

“Hard mode”+I get knocked down a lot

(I suggest watching in at least 720p, YouTube compressed it a lot…)

I suppose it’s not really noticeable in a video, but this was taken while using the Cheat Engine table that lets you adjust enemy stats. You can increase their lvl/HP, physical and/or magic defense, meaning you deal less damage etc. These Mesmenir’s are normally level 5 I think, but in the video they’re level 8 with higher physical defense. Continue reading