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Funny outfit mods, lol

Nightyswolf is a Steam Workshop modder that I’ve grabbed a lot of mods from. You can get these outfits and others here.

Here’s a short video of them in “action.” Made me giggle.

The video editor program I’ve decided to use is called Shotcut and is pretty good for free, open-source software. Can do all the basic simple things most people would want to do. More importantly, it will read/open and handle my huge Fraps .avi files (at least on my PC), where a lot of freebie editors I’ve tried, can’t/won’t. I still use VirtualDub to do the initial clip editing then toss it in Shortcut for any transitions/titles etc. and the final compression to .mp4 for Youtube.

Ignis – pretty in pink?

This is Ignis giving me a “Why do you always do this to me?” look. Because it makes me LULZ, that’s why! Poor Ignis.

The mod outfit is supposed to be a nurse one I think. It’s hilarious in normal gameplay, but then I used the Ring and the total black background + Ignis’ pose made it … still hilarious!  But kind of artistic as well.  It fits him somehow. 😛  These make pretty good wallpapers, if Ignis in a dress is your thing.

Ignis makes a legscreenshot of FFXV

screenshot of FFXV

Even Cor is impressed.
screenshot of FFXV