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FF-XIV collaboration, misc

I still find this sort of pictorial type of series amusing. Don’t ask me why, I have no idea.
final fantasy ffxv collaboration dlc

final fantasy ffxv collaboration dlc

Ignis refused to wear his new outfit/costume.   (…a mod I use interferes with it – and only this outfit – for some reason)
final fantasy ffxv collaboration dlc

Noctis and Gladio portraits, just because.

I need to take more of Noctis, but since I’m usually controlling him, when I pause via Ansel he’s usually doing nothing, in the background. 😛

Revisiting: Ansel “Sticker” feature

Hmm, this might have some kind of pic potential now. If only I wasn’t 99.9% super-lazy.
ffxv screenshot

I’ve learned the “stickers” feature of Ansel, that they added a while back, can be altered with personalized stickers of your choice.  You just have to make a transparent image of the same dimensions and stick it in the Program Files/Nvidia folder that contains them.  Sadly you can’t add more to what’s there, you have to overwrite/rename one of the 8 default ones, making switching between a lot of them potentially annoying. But at least if you really want to change them for a specific reason, you can.  The default ones were mostly generically dull and (to me) ignored, so that’s a good thing.

ffxv screenshot prompto
ffxv screenshot gladio

They’ve also added a “greenscreen” feature, so you can insert your own background and make it fill the whole background or just part of it. Like in the above pics and below, the starry sky and chibi chrs. aspect is greenscreen.  As with the Stickers, you can add your own personal backgrounds, but can only overwrite the two that already exist.  Two seems a bit of a small number.  Eight backgrounds stored at once, like the Stickers, would’ve been nice.

Neither features is all that useful most of the time really, and I still find it all rather unnecessary.  You could also simply create similar images by manually editing a screenshot/creating them in an image editor instead of dealing with it this way.  But I suppose if one had a creative idea (unlike me and my lowbrow humor…), or just like this type of thing, it all gives one more options.  And I was really bored this afternoon. 😛

Ignis saves Noctis from brain drain

Noctis is about to be whacked in the head. Ignis notices and starts to take action! But he’s a little bit late…

But still Ignis manages to knock Mr. Roboto away just in time, and Noctis looks grateful. Either that or he’s saying “It’s about frakking time.” I’m not sure which.

…these are 4k-ish in size, comprised of four 1080’s. Saves posting space sometimes, is all.

Happy Halloween or something?

I know it’s early but since I haven’t been posting as often past couple months, not sure if I’d make it on time otherwise. Just a couple outfit mods with a Halloween-ish theme.

I still haven’t been in much of a FFXV or gaming mood and my physical health/stamina has been fairly weird past few months. Seeing Ignis with vampire fangs amuses me tho. heh.

Terra Wars Collaboration 1

I honestly can’t stand the color/filter palette they used for this extra mission. Certain moments are ok but overall it’s horrid at least with my PC/settings. 😛

I didn’t get very far, just to the point below, whereupon the game decided to CTD and in irritation I played something else instead. Terra Wars interests me not at all so I haven’t returned to it yet. But Noct. being jumped by the little white doll things was kinda cute.

Sidenote: I’ve been intently looking into the parts for a new dedicated “4k”/Win10 gaming PC, but I’m thinking about waiting for the new i9-9900k cpu (vs. i7-8700k). Seems like it’ll be only $150-$200 more so if benchmarks on it are good I may wait for it. Hoping to have something built by Xmas or New Year period. And then I should be able to play this game in 4k at … 40-60fps. HAHA. Who knows. But at least that should be with graphic settings up higher. $3000+ so I can play FFXV as best as one can. Ok ok, not only FXV…it’s just funny to say that.