To record in 1080 or 1440

…that is the question.

Since I now have 8TB of HDD storage space, I feel more inclined to video record more. I have two choices: play on the 4k TV and record at half-size for 1080/60fps videos, or play on the pc monitor and record full-size 1440/60fps videos. 1080 is normally fine for videos in my book, but the thing is, if I want to grab frame by frame stills from a video, like I’m doing in the picture above, 1080 images feel too tiny now. Sadly trying to record smooth 4k/60fps at high game settings, with performance-hitting Fraps, isn’t quite doable even for this new rig of mine. No I don’t want to use Shadowplay (Nvidia Experience is ICK).

With 1440 videos I can grab pretty decent stills from them, like this one of Cindy during that early photo cutscene (yup that really is a video still grab – Fraps raw file format quality is awesome which is why I still use it). Meaning I can get any cutscene or combat frame without having to time pushing of any buttons, and thus I can focus on actually playing uninterrupted more often. I mean it’s not as good as Ansel, but for some things video grabs are just fine. But I so much prefer playing on the 4k TV. Guess I’ll have to keep swapping back and forth … no I don’t expect anyone to care. I’m just “blogging.”  Pfft. 😉final fantasy ffxv cindy