Re: comment form on the blog

Edit:  Dec. 27, 2019 – should be fixed now.

Apparently the “post” and other function buttons are no longer showing up for some people when you try to write/post a comment. I haven’t looked deeply into it but on Firefox, using adblocker addons seems to block them, and disabling the adblockers makes them appear/be usable again. I checked UBlock-Origin and AdblockPlus and while using an older version of Firefox and the latest version of Firefox. I did not test Chrome since I don’t have it installed/won’t install it.

I don’t have any ads on the blog (or anywhere else on my domain) so I can only assume the WP plugin I use for commenting ability is utilizing something that is on one of the adblockers “lists” for some reason.  I may try to find another comment plugin when I’m not feeling lazy or go back to the default WP comment. The main reason I started using a plugin was for a few features for users to use and to make managing comments a bit easier.  There generally aren’t many comments to begin with. In the meantime if you’re using adblockers you can temp disable them to see if that works. If you wish. Cheers. 🙂