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Open discussion thread #1

This post is where readers can use the comment area to discuss with each other, as well as make site suggestions/pic requests/ask me questions.

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Fan service via mods

I’m not into females/Cindy but I’m always curious so I checked out this recent Steam Workshop mod that (I think) basically uses Shiva’s body with Cindy’s head/model. If you look close you can see where the modder photoshopped out the wings and retextured etc. From a distance it’s ok but use the manual camera or Ansel and it kinda looks terrible. And the no shoes, so she’s standing on tip-toe the whole time, looks weird.

I don’t fault the modders btw – they’re going through a lot of effort – it’s just really difficult to make mods match the original graphic quality with how the tools work. I’ve heard even if it looks good in the 3D editor of choice the compiling process can make it look worse. Which is why I gave up trying to learn how to make mods myself. The tools need to get better … which knowing SE, is doubtful.

The old Imgur albums

…created a Menu Page/tab for a list of some of the Imgur albums I made in the past. WordPress automatically turns those links into imgur embedded windows – I can get around this by manually typing the html code for every link (which I used to do all the time when I made websites in Notepad, but now feels annoying haha – how times have changed) but I suppose it works well so people can 1st-look scrollfrom within the blog post if they wish. Not sure if I’ll link to the gallery links from my other domain site. Too many images in too many places at this point … should have done the WP-blog thing after I stopped using Imgur in the first place. Oh well.

Anyway … this post is for reference mostly, since in WordPress Pages and Posts are different things.